Prof. Hess's Secrets

Prof. Yehuda Hess performed a post-mortem on Rabin's body - as it turned out later...
Exposing the lie

Nahum Shahaf, a well-known researcher and physicist who discovered the truth in the Muhammad a-Dura affair, reveals lies about the official version of Rabin's assassination. Watch ...(Hebrew)
Prof. Klausner, Rabin's surgeon
Who determined his death
"He was shot in the chest"

Here is a video ( Hebrew) where Prof. Klausner talks about Rabin's treatment.
Rabin assassination:
open questions

Watch the video in Hebrew "Yigal Amir - Open Questions" produced by Nura Deliba Center, some of the main questions that are not ...
Could it be that Rabin was
hit by Holopoint bullets?

The court ruled that the first bullet fired from Yigal Amir's pistol and hit Rabin was a holofoint bullet.

נורא דליבא היא תנועה ציבורית המאגדת אנשים איכפתיים שוחרי אמת