"We must leave them
a political reality
that they could
not change"

According to the testimony of Shemen Schiffer (Yedioth Ahronoth, May 31, 1996), in 1995,
Oslo Accords:
A history of the Crime

It’s difficult to understand how the architects of the Oslo Accords and the policy makers didn’t understand in real
Abu Mazen:
The Oslo
Accords are Israel'
s biggest mistake
in its history

Shmuel Even, a senior researcher at the Institute
for National Security Studies
From the Oslo
Accords b

The goal of the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the current Middle East
Yigal Amir did
not murder

Moshe Feiglin on the assassination of Rabin as a result of
The Oslo Accords
were a Trojan

The reporter of the Nazarene Egyptian weekly, Al-Arabi, Shafiq Ahmad Ali, conducted an interview that became the last press interview of the
Polls show

Polls show: a draw between Rabin and Netanyahu in August-October 1995
29 October 29, 2019

Statistics on
the increase
in Palestinian

Number of victims of terrorism from December 1987 to December 1997, by month: a significant increase can be seen during...
Speech by
Rehavam Zeevi
(Gandhi) in the Knesset

Mr. Speaker, Members of the Knesset present, I do not know who to believe: Minister Ephraim Sneh, who is known to me
Ron Arad
in captivity

October 16, 2021

Jacques Neria, Rabin's future political adviser, explains Rabin's
give up the
Golan Heights

As evidenced by the testimony of Saudi intelligence chief Assad, he was shocked after the assassination
"Need for Civil War"

It may be that in order to end the peace process there may be a need
of settlements

Haim Ramon: Rabin planned evacuation of settlements

נורא דליבא היא תנועה ציבורית המאגדת אנשים איכפתיים שוחרי אמת