Abu Mazen: The Oslo Accords are Israel's biggest mistake in its history
• December 9, 2019

Shmuel Even, a senior researcher at the Institute for National Security Studies, sums up the difference between Israel's and the PLO's strategies in the Oslo negotiations. In thinking "from end to beginning". That is, progress in "step-by-step" negotiations toward an unknown future, in the expectation that these steps will shape a new reality that will lead to a better future. The Palestinian strategy, on the other hand, is largely characterized by a pattern of thinking "from the end to the beginning," that is, giving top priority to the end goals at each stage of the process. The PLO, which was in a deep slump during the Oslo period, agreed in Oslo to Israel's main conditions (continued settlements, control of Jerusalem, security control, etc.) and in the heart that they would be valid only in the intermediate stage and would not prevent it from returning to permanent targets in the next stage. Balance sheet stated in a 2002 lecture in Gaza: "Israel made the biggest mistake in its history when it signed the Oslo Accords. In Oslo we took land for free, and the issues of the final stage remained open."
(Shmuel Even, "Twenty-Five Years of the Oslo Accords: Lessons for Israel", in Ephraim Lavie, Yael Ronen and Henry Fishman (Eds.), 25 Years of the Oslo Process, Carmel: Jerusalem, 2019, 171-196)


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