If this is true, there is neither moral nor legal validity to the results of the June 1992 Knesset elections

July 18, 2019

Speech by Rehavam Zeevi (Gandhi) in the Knesset Plenum, 11.01.1995.

Mr. Speaker, Members of the Knesset present, I do not know who to believe: Minister Ephraim Sneh, who is known to me as an honest man; Or Abu Mazen's book, which was carefully written over many months and every word was examined before it went into print; Or to Abu Mazen, who denies the text after receiving a reprimand from Abu Amar, or to journalists who exposed the affair. In any case, I do not believe the words of the politicians.
At this point, until proven otherwise, I refer to what is written in Abu Mazen's book as facts that contain very serious incriminating material against the Labor Party, which incorporated the enemy in its Knesset election campaign, for the sake of democratically influencing the election results. If this is democracy, damn democracy.
If this is true, there is neither a moral validity nor a legal validity to the results of the Knesset elections in June 1992 - the prime minister must resign and the people must have his say again at the ballot box.
The PLO's goal was and remains to eliminate the State of Israel, as commanded by the Palestinian Convention. The PLO seeks to achieve this goal in two parallel ways: one, assault and murder of Israeli residents; The second, the Queen of the Labor Party to power in Israel.
The PLO believes that these two efforts have one thing in common - the destruction of Israel. Rap in Bat Yam, and Eran Sobelman and Rabbi Shlomo Biran in Gaza, and they carried out dozens of terrorist attacks and sabotages throughout Yesha and Little Israel.
What cynicism is there in the fact that the Labor Party chose for itself the letters that signify in the election - "truth". Of Rabin to a voter who does not rely on the votes of Arab Knesset members. If this is the truth of the work, then another word in Hebrew has lost its meaning and served as a cover for a lie.
It seems that the Likud is not free from this sin either. I know of one Likud MK's meeting with the PLO at the time. I do not know who allowed him and to whom he reported, whether it was in Prime Minister Shamir's opinion or whether he acted in his own opinion - but his actions and sins were known, as are his other sins. , And this did not prevent the Likud from placing him on his list and also leading him to be elected mayor.
I know about your MK's meetings with the PLO. It is true that there is a fundamental difference between that MK's meetings with PLO members and the agreements and understandings regarding influencing the voter and the election results in Israel, as the Labor people apparently did. But when the Likud criticizes and attacks others, it is better for it to clean its own stables first.
Therefore, we must set up a state or parliamentary inquiry committee to investigate all these contacts without prejudice. Thanks.



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