Since Israel’s establishment, the most influential systems of Israeli society – the media, the judiciary, and academia – are dominated by radical views that represent the political elites, and whose worldview substantially differs from those held by most Israelis. Israeli mainstream media is routinely brainwashing citizens in order to instill such ideas into the general public’s consciousness and prevent others from voicing their opinion.

The damage this reality causes to Israel’s democracy is seen, among other things, by the fact that the election results only slightly influence policy making, since the elected representatives are scared to go up against the elites that control the media and the judiciary. Time after time, the nation votes in right-wing parties only to have these politicians adopt left-wing policies dictated to them by the elites.

We demand to put an end to the hegemony wielded by the media elite. Authentic media pluralism, and giving the Israeli population a voice in the media discourse to include a wide range of opinion, is a necessary step for Israel’s democracy.

We strive to spread the truth about various painful and tragic affairs in Israeli history that are silenced or distorted by the dominating discourse. These include the “Saison”, the shooting up on the Altalena, the Abduction of Yemenite, Mizrahi, and Balkan Children, the Oslo Accords, and others. A healthy, pluralistic and strong society is one that is based on the truth and knows examine the past without fear or bias in order to learn the relevant lessons regarding how to act today. We demand a comprehensive reform of the judicial system. The Supreme Court, as well as lower courts, must interpret the law in a fair and unbiased way, to stand impartially and safeguard the interests of every citizen, and grant them the protection against unfair decisions by the government.