Only 60% of the Israelis believe that Yigal Amir’s bullets caused Rabin’s death.

The question of the 2018 survey taken on the Rabin Memorial Day was phrased as following: “Do you think Yigal Amir is the killer, as the court clearly found?”
It is quite obvious that the question is not neutral, but clearly biased implying the desired answer upon the respondent.
Who would dare to doubt the decision of the court and on what ground? Any doubts challenging the official version are considered as either illegitimate or delusional (paranoidal) conspiracy theory. However, in spite of clear intention to avoid public discussion and push forward the desired answer, only 60% of the Israelis answered “yes” to the above question.
Translated by David Ben-Gershon

The black hole of evidence.

The photo of bloodstained leaflet with the “song of peace” that was found in the Rabin’s pocket after the assassination have been reproduced by many mass-media outlets.

This leaflet, which was first presented by Eitan Haber, the director of the Prime Minister’s Office at Rabin’s funeral on 06.11.95, had not only bloodstains, but also a black circle, which looked exactly like a hole made by a passed bullet, would look like.

How it is be possible? At the end, according to the official story, Rabin was shot in the back by two bullets, which were found in his body.
What is the origin of the hole on the leaf, which was in the front pocket of Rabin’s jacket?

Even more strange thing about this hole was not its documented presence, but later disappearance of the hole. In a few years later, when this leaflet stored at the State Archives, was presented to the public, it had no black hole!

How could be explained such transformation of the apparently critical piece of evidence?
One hypothesis have suggested that the circle was not a hole at all, but simply a round-shaped stain that was removed by the chemical treatment during preservation of the leaflet.

However, Kalman Lipsskind, the original source (“Black Hole”, October 16, 2001), according to Eitan Haber, have confirmed that the original leaflet, which he had in his hands at the funeral, indeed had a hole.

If the black circle seen at the photo wasn’t an innocent stain, but a hole, how it could be destroyed by the chemical treatment?
Shimon Peres offered an explanation for the hole’s origin: “We handed out the leaflet with the song and Rabin put it into his pocket. The bullet pierced the song,” – said Peres at the government commemoration ceremony on 05.11.1995.

How symbolical it is, indeed!
The mystery of the disappeared black hole has yet to be uncovered.

Translated by David Ben-Gershon