Petition for Pardoning Yigal Amir

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Translation of the letter (translated by Avner Eliyahu Romm)
With God’s Help
Mr. Reuven Rivlin
President of Israel

In 1993, the Israeli government signed the Oslo Accord, which turned out to be one of the greatest tragedies in the modern history of the Jewish people in his country, the agreement resulted in thousands of dead and injured.
Yigal Amir was not the only one who saw the Oslo Accords as a threat to the very existence of the State of Israel; This opinion was supported and still exists within many of the Jewish people, in Israel and elsewhere. In fact, there is a broad consensus today in Israeli society that the Oslo Accord was a default, if not a crime. However, those who led the process and the decision makers, who led to the miserable agreement and its continuation, have not been investigated to this day, and none of the initiators of the agreement and its executors have been asked to answer any charges. Yigal Amir’s decision to assassinate Rabin was an expression of a sense of helplessness, kind of a last option to stop a disastrous process, in the face of a government which ignored the legitimate protest of the general public.
Yigal Amir was convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison, which he has been serving for 24 years in isolation and isolation. Retroactively, a special law was passed, which prohibits the Justice Department’s parole committee to recommending any rationing of his sentence.
However, Rabin’s assassination should be treated in connection with its context. It was the culmination of a deep rift in the people, a fierce internal conflict created by the bloodshed that brought the Oslo Accords, along with the silencing public opinion by the media, and the ignoring the widespread feeling of despair by the government. The national tragedy cannot be blamed on one person, a scapegoat for all the mistakes made.
It is doubtful that today’s Israeli society is ready to return to events from about twenty-five years ago, to conduct an objective investigation and search for those guilty of the disaster. But there is also another way to restore justice. We urge you to work for national reconciliation, in accordance with the high-level mission of the president.
It should be noted that many facts revealed in recent years are gnawing on the credibility of the official version of events. Amir’s guilt in the murder is doubted by about half of the Israeli public. In light of all the above and in light of the harsh conditions of Amir’s incarceration (24 years in solitary confinement and isolation), we appeal to you to exercise your authority and grant amnesty to Yigal Amir. The time has come for his release.

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